DFS012 1/9 Hulkbuster

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    Iron Man Armored Mark 44, well-known Hulkbuster, as the name implies, is designed to compete with runaway Hulk  and design. To be able to fight with the Hulk, he is designed to be a huge figure, both weight and strength! In the movie "The Avengers 2: Ages of Ultron", the Hulkbuster and Hulk sparring plot shock people!
    Product introduction
    Product Series: 1/9 Diecast Figure series
    Product Name: 1/9 Hulkbuster
    Product Code: DFS012
    Film Authorized :<< Avengers 2:Age of Ultron >>

    Product Specification
    Product Measurement: 41CM (Height)
    Material Used:Alloy +Engineering plastics ABS
    Packing: 1 sets/carton
    Barcode: 4897056410848

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    Product features
    *Eyes, chest, hands, feet and other body altogether 18 led light
    *Helmet / Thorax open multiple agencies removable, magnetic stcture perfect stitching
    *Can be 1 / 9MK43 whole placed, fully rendered movie into mark 44 "Hulkbuster"
    *Multiple body positions can be linked, movable finger
    *Exhibit metallic metallic paint better