DHS-S9 1/5 Helmet Series9

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    Product introduction
    Product Series: 1/5 Deluxe Helmet Series
    Product Name: 1/5 Deluxe Helmet Series 9
    Film Authorized :<< Iron man 3>>
    Full Set Code: DHS-S9
    Barcode:inner box:4897056411845
    out box:4897056411852

    Product Specification
    Product Measurement: 7.5CM (Height)
    Material Used:Engineering Plastic ABS+ Transparent GP

    *Final products maybe slightly different from the official pictures shown.
    *All prices do not include freight. Shipment from China.

    Product features
    * Dazzling light spreading from the Iron Man eyes while you touch the installing top helmet,easy operation(except Loki and captain America and thor helmet)
    * Film logo and model number can be found on the round bottom base, looks more vivid and elegance
    *3D Product data is accurate; figurines are highlighted with metallic painting which bring people an iron and strong expression
    * A transparent PET plate provided in every helmet, bring people return back to the movie digital world