PCS005 1/4 MK3 Statue

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    After an upgrade in two, Iron Man Armored "Mark 3" upgrade all aspects have been perfect. Inspired by Tony favorite car color, the first armor use of red gold color. The world's best fight scenes, and streamline handsome appearance, making him one of the most loved people in the armor. Red Gold has since become the most classic color steel armour!

    Product Series: 1/4 Power charger series
    Product Name: 1/4 USB Changer Base with Mark3
    Product Code: PCS005
    Film Authorized :<< Iron Man 3 >>

    Product Specification
    Product Measurement: about 55CM Height ( Including base)
    Outer carton size: around50*40*75CM CM
    Per carton weight: around 12 KGS
    Material Used:Poly resin
    Packing: 1 set/carton
    Barcode: 4897056411999

    Final products maybe slightly different from the official pictures shown.
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    Product features
    *Head and upper body and hand both can be lighted
    *Three-dimensional build a base modeling,  full sense of machine, consisting of a high-capacity rechargeable battery
    *Mobile phone card is suitable for IP5/6/6S, and easy install.
    *Behind of USB power port applies to all USB power products.