PCS009 1/4 Vision Statue

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    Brand:King Arts

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    Product introduction
    Product Series: 1/4 Power charger series
    Product Name: 1/4 USB Changer Base with Vision
    Product Code: PCS009
    Film Authorized :<< Avengers2>>

    Product Specification
    Product Measurement: about 55CM Height ( Including base)
    Outer carton size: around66*53*29CM
    Per carton weight: around 8 KGS
    Material Used:Poly resin
    Packing: 1 set/carton
    Barcode: 4897056412002

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    Product features
    *Head can be lighted
    *Three-dimensional build a base modeling,  full sense of machine, consisting of a high-capacity rechargeable battery
    *Mobile phone card is suitable for IP5/6/6S, and easy install.
    *Behind of USB power port applies to all USB power products.