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    King Arts * Diecast Scene Series *KSS015* SPAZER * Preorder Now!!!

    Product introduction

    Spazer, the fighting car youwant most! The special support UFO of the Grendizer is usually combined with the Grendizer to carry it, helping the Grendizer to completely destroy the enemy. This time, King Arts brings you this unique UFO, so don't miss it!

    Product Series: Diecast Scene series
    Product Name:SPAZER
    Product Code:KSS015
    Licensor by :Dynamic

    Product Specification
    Product size: L 47CM* W 25CM*H 16CM
    Product material: Alloy +Engineering plastics ABS
    Barcode: 4897056413153

    Parts list
    -Main body x 1set
    -Base +bracket x 1 set
    -Palm replacement x 1 pair
    -Spazer Shell x 1 pair
    -Spazer Weapon x 2 pairs
    -Spazer Weapon Box x1set
    -Weapon Box Cover x 2 pairs
    -Grendizer Internal Structure Head+Neck x 1 set
    (VIP contains a half of ISH.)

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    *Payment Terms: goods delivery in receipt of the payments.

    Product features
    * A lot of gameplay, you can fit with the giant spirit, the cabin lights up!
    * Press the button to shoot the driver and press the button to shoot the flying knife!
    * Height 16cm, can be used to make various flight dynamics at different angles on the bracket!
    * Magnet adsorption, free to switch missiles and weapons!
    * Accurate and detailed coloring, pleasing to the eye!
    * Rich accessories and a variety of gameplay!