KSS013 1/9 MK1-7 hall of armor

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    King Arts * KA Scene Series * KSS013 *  1/9Iron man MK1-7 hall of armor
    Product introduction
    In response to the growing of the number of armor, Tony has also developed a corresponding hall of armor . In the beginning, Tony studio javes system in the studio to seven compartments as a group, are sequentially placed Mark 1-7 7 classic armor sets early, this is Iron Man movie series of the most classic scene one! This network now King Arts  materialized introduc, so that we can meet the hall of armor 1/9 steel iron man, do not miss it !!

    Product Series: KA Scene series
    Product Name: 1/9Iron man MK1-7 hall of armor.
    Film Authorized :<< Iron Man3 >>
    Barcode: 4897056412620

    Product Specification
    Product Measurement: around 19*14*31CM
    Material Used:Engineering plastics ABS

    Pre-order information
    Retail Price: HKD 880/set=RMB748

    *Final products maybe slightly different from the official pictures shown.
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    Product features
    *classic scene, the top / bottom / side / back light reduction scenarios.
    Remote control lighting and lighting * long in many ways
    *battery and USB two power supply mode
    *library and the library is connected, only one side can block block, realize seamless splicing.
    *after the library and the library connection, can be connected to each other, just next to a USB can even be a full power and remote control lights.
    *Each comes with a piece of transparent acrylic panels, and comes with a MK1-7 digital holographic electrostatic film.